Confidential Communication Request

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Molina Healthcare Website Notice – Confidential Communications Request


Member Confidential Communication Requests

A “Confidential Communication Request” is a request by a Member that Molina Healthcare of California (“Plan”) communications containing Medical Information be communicated to them at a specific mail or email address or specific telephone number, as designated by the Member. Members may request confidential communication in the form and format requested by the Member, if it is readily producible in the requested form and format, or at alternative locations. Please refer to your Plan Agreement and Combined Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form for more details. The Member’s Confidential Communication Request must be in writing or by electronic transmission. You may use Molina’s Confidential Communication Request form to make your Confidential Communication Request. Please visit or call our Customer Support Center at the toll-free number listed on your Molina ID Card, if you are interested in making a Confidential Communication Request.

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